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Mark Dion, Cardiff/Miller, and Tomás Saraceno in New York City

New York City this summer has been chock-a-block with installation and public art. Three exceptional experiences stand out: Phantoms of the Clark Expedition by Mark Dion at the Explorers Club (closed the 3rd August); The Murder of Crows by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller at the Park Avenue Armory (until the 9th September); and […]

Poussin and Goya: Object Lessons at the Timken Museum until the 9th September

There are not one, but two, aptly named Object Lessons—small loan shows—currently at the Timken Museum of Art in San Diego. The first—France in the Golden Age—is up only until the 3rd June 2012 and the second, Goya’s Self-Portrait with Dr. Arrieta, continues until the 9th September. These are the result of the Timken’s still […]