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Philbrook Downtown opened in Tulsa the 13th June

By Richard P. Townsend The venerable Philbrook Museum of Art—75 years old year this year—has opened a 21st-century museum space in the burgeoning Brady Arts District in downtown Tulsa. It is an exciting step forward not only for the museum but for the city. While this immediate effort took six years gestation, in actuality the […]


Federico Barocci at the National Gallery London until the 19th May

By Richard P. Townsend None other than a saint, Philip Neri himself—founder of the Oratorian order and so-called “Apostle of Rome”— used to sit “rapt in the sweetest ecstasy” in front of Federico Barocci’s altarpiece The Visitation in his order’s mother church, the Chiesa Nuova in Rome. Centuries later, a young art history student wept […]


Pablo Picasso at MFA Houston until the 27th May

By Richard P. Townsend We all know the saying about “truth in advertising,” and in truth Picasso Black and White, the exhibition recently at the Guggenheim Museum, New York (where I viewed it) and currently at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, is not quite what it says it is… It is an important retrospective […]


Vermeer at the Getty until the 31st March

By Richard P. Townsend Very little if anything goes on in a painting by Johannes Vermeer: perhaps a little music making, peering out of a window, chatting with a visitor. Letter writing, reading and receiving is a popular pastime in the artist’s pictures. Quietude reigns, shadows lengthen, only flute-like tones emanating from a virginal or […]